• XML Sitemaps: To Submit or Not to Submit?
    [February 27, 2015] Submitting an xml sitemap to Google via Webmaster tools can be a great way to get Google to spider all your pages quickly. But before you go and hit that submit button, make sure that’s what you really want to do. For the most part, the traffic and data you receive from submitting your sitemap […]
  • Recover Deleted Data On Google Analytics With “Trash Can” Feature!
    [January 29, 2015] Google Analytics came out with new “Trash Can” feature today that will help users revive any views, properties or accounts that have been deleted in the last 35 days.
  • Watch This Video, Learn How to Make a Mobile Friendly Website
    [December 22, 2014] The recent webmaster video from Google shares how Content Management Systems can help their users to develop more mobile friendly sites. Eric Kwan from the Webmaster relations team shared this amazing presentation.
  • New Demos & Tools Announced for Google Analytics
    [November 25, 2014] Google launched a new site called Google Analytics Demos & Tools for developers. As you might have guessed, it includes tools and demos. It includes a full-featured Enhanced Ecommerce demo with code samples for Analytics and Tag Manager, as well as a new Account Explorer tool aimed at helping developers quickly find the IDs they […]
  • Google Penguin 3.0: No One Can Recommend How to Recover Yet
    [October 23, 2014] Over the weekend, it was confirmed that Google has updated their Google Penguin algorithm. Or, at least while I write this, Google apparently is still in the process of updating it. So, if your website was previously hit by the Google Penguin algorithm, then there is a chance that your site may recover if you’ve […]
  • Around 46% of iOS Users Have Updated To iOS 8
    [September 25, 2014] At its iOS launch events, Apple always likes to talk about how many of its users are on the latest version of its operating system in comparison to Android. There are so many different Android devices, that ultimately there is never a very high percentage of users on the latest version.
  • Dev Tip – Learn Python in 24 Hours!
    [September 4, 2014] Python, all the geeks are learning Python, most employers are craving employees who have some grasp of the popular language…
  • Developers Receive Google Fit SDK Preview
    [August 7, 2014] Google announced Google Fit, its developer platform for fitness apps, at Google I/O earlier this summer. The company just announced the availability of the preview SDK.
  • Update For Paid Apps Coming To Android Wear Developers
    [July 17, 2014] Google gave developers an update on paid apps for Android Wear, its recently launched wearable device platform. It has a workaround that enables paid apps, and others that use Google Play’s forward-lock mechanism.
  • Over 240,000 Apps Have Released On The Amazon Appstore
    [June 19, 2014] Amazon announced that its Amazon Appstore selection of apps has nearly tripled year-over-year, and that it now has over 240,000 apps and games, which are available in about 200 countries. This seems like something the company might want to play up as it prepares to unveil a new smartphone, which it is expected to do […]
  • Webmasters Receive New Page Rendering Tool From Google
    [May 30, 2014] Last week, Google named some JavaScript issues that can negatively impact a site’s search results, and said it would soon be releasing a tool to help webmasters better understand how it renders their site. The tool has now been announced. It comes in the form of an addition to the Fetch as Google tool, which […]
  • Google Clears the Confusion on the Limit to the Number of Links You Can Have on a Page!
    [May 1, 2014] Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, confirmed in a Google Webmaster Help thread that there is no limit to the number of links you can have on a page. Mueller said, “There's no limit to the number of links on your pages, so that wouldn't be affecting how your site shows up in search results.”
  • Easiest way to update your WordPress plugins?
    [April 3, 2014] Just moved from Blogger to WordPress and now I am apparently responsible for keeping all my themes, plugins and WordPress itself updated. What’s the easiest way to do that? Congrats on the jump from Blogger, for sure, but you’re right, now that you are running a WordPress blog (or any site with WordPress as the […]
  • Google Plays Catch Up on Social Media by Launching Webmasters Google+ Page!
    [March 13, 2014] The Webmasters community has finally made their way to Google+. The team announced yesterday that they will use the page to post announcements, quizzes and other resources to help webmasters improve the quality of their website and e-commerce.
  • Matt Cutts on “How Relevant Are Backlinks in Google Search Results”?
    [February 20, 2014] Ever wondered what Google search results would be, without backlinks as a ranking tool? According to Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Search Spam, if there was a version of the search engine which declined backlink building as a ranking factor, then the quality of search results would be much worse.
  • Your Geek Reading For January 23
    [January 23, 2014] I have talked about human filters and my plan for digital curation. These items are the fruits of those ideas, the items I deemed worthy from my daily reading. These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques. You will note that some of the formatting has changed, […]
  • Google Not Encrypting All Web Searches
    [December 31, 2013] At this point, I have become pretty used to Google encrypting all search queries at Google.com. At least for their organic search results. You just won’t get to see what someone searched for at Google (what keyword they used) when hitting your site. But, apparently Google is not encrypting all search queries.
  • A Majority Of Android Devices Are Now On Jelly Bean
    [November 5, 2013] Last week, Google finally unveiled Android 4.4 KitKat alongside the new Nexus 5. While a new version of Android is certainly cause to celebrate, most of the world is still going to be using Jelly Bean for the foreseeable future. That’s a good thing though as a majority of the world’s Android devices are now […]
  • Is There Any Value in Using Meta Description?
    [October 10, 2013] A workshop participant wanted to know if there we any value in actually adding the description attribute to his web content.
  • How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website
    [September 12, 2013] Right now, wordpress is running on over 10 million websites, or just over 18% of the websites currently on the internet. While wordpress isn’t without its problems, there’s no denying it’s a popular, easy to set up, and easy to use CMS. However, despite what many will tell you, “out of the box” wordpress is […]
  • Google Prefers to Assess the Reconsideration Request on Links Provided within Webmaster Tools!
    [August 22, 2013] In the month of June, Google asked webmasters who had received a manual action notification to use "links to your site" report within Webmaster Tools for analyzing the bad links that are pointing to the website.
  • Facebook Now Helping Developers Publish Mobile Games
    [August 1, 2013] Developing and publishing a mobile game is pretty easy. Unfortunately, it can also be pretty expensive. For those who find mobile games development to be too costly, Facebook has a pretty tempting offer.
  • Should You Use HTML5 For Your Mobile Apps?
    [July 9, 2013] As a business resource, Slideshare stands pretty much head and shoulders above most other content platforms.
  • Verify Your Website On Webmaster Tools Using The Google Tag Manager
    [June 18, 2013] For webmasters who use Google Tag Manager to add and update site tags, the container snippet code will let you quickly and easily verify ownership of your site on the Webmaster Tools.
  • Google To Shut Down Google Checkout Soon
    [May 30, 2013] Google announced that it would shut down Google Checkout in favor of Google Wallet back in 2011. This week, the company announced that in six months Google checkout will be officially dead to merchants.